The SunChair – your box seat right in front of the stadium!

People say football is the most beautiful thing in the world. Or is it a holiday? SunExpress has brought its SunChairs to the front of the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, as box seats, showing that sunny holiday feelings and a stadium atmosphere do not have to be mutually exclusive. Come on board: PlayStation! As where can you showcase your best football game better than directly at the stadium?

As official partner of Eintracht Frankfurt SunExpress was able to present its fans with several highlights during the game against Bayer 04 Leverkusen. In addition to our SunChairs for relaxing before and after the game, it was the photo booths in particular that caused a stir, where the fans could print their very own collection stickers and autograph cards for free, generating enthusiasm in both young and old. Even retired Eintracht legend, Maurizio Gaudino insisted on getting in front of the camera for a fresh autograph card in the unique SunExpress design. Over relaxed conversations, he also signed some autograph cards directly at the event itself and distributed them amongst the happy guests.

What’s more, it was possible to participate in our grand raffle for a chance to win prizes including, in addition to a PlayStation®4 Pro with football game, two SunChairs signed by the current Eintracht team or flight tickets from SunExpress. And on top of that, there were another 4,000 bars of chocolate to give away as a “penalty for the dentist”.

So, in fact, football and holidays do actually have the chance to jointly be the most beautiful thing in the world – thanks to the finest in entertainment from SunExpress and PlayStation.

In the spring of 2018, SunExpress will also be inviting the fans of its other partners, Hannover 96 and Bayer 04 Leverkusen, to the extraordinary box seats.