SunExpress and PlayStation® are taking off together

The Boeing 737-800 bearing the official name “TC-SNN” makes its freshly laminated appearance as a conqueror of the skies with the full PlayStation® look. The aircraft, which received its official pet name “PlaneStation” via fan vote, was laminated within the space of just two days with the heroes of the PlayStation® world at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

This feat was achieved using no fewer than 51 pieces of film per side – 14 on either side for the tail unit alone – that together form a unique aeroplane design. Thus, the likes of the sweet “Sackboy” from the game Little Big Planet, the fierce demigod “Kratos” from God of War or the cute “Rachet & Clank” from the eponymous jump and run adventure flew into more than a dozen European cities in the very first days of flight. In the next 12 months they will be accompanying many more passengers to their fabulous holiday destinations from the entire route network.

The Boeing’s lamination marks the launch by SunExpress and PlayStation® of a year-round partnership that has joint promotions, exciting discoveries and, for certain, some spectacular surprises in store for customers over the full twelve months. So keep your eyes open in the near future – your help is going to be called on, too! Because not even the PlayStation® heroes are able to resolve all the challenges alone and need a holiday now and again – with SunExpress, of course!

You can find your flying superheroes in real time here: