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Frankfurt welcomes the promotional plane

Just in time for Christmas, the co-operation between SunExpress and PlayStation achieved another milestone: PlayStation heroes arrived on the SunExpress hub in Frankfurt as the promotional plane made its first official flight manoeuvers at Fraport. On landing punctually at 13:56, Kratos, Aloy, Sackboy and friends provided a special feeling of security for passengers of flight XQ970 from Izmir – and a genuine highlight for plane-spotters. At 15:00, watched by the official representatives of PlayStation and SunExpress , the aircraft took off for Izmir again – but not without having offered its passengers a spectacular experience first.

At Gate E2 from 12:30 onwards, the co-operation had already been in full swing: To the delight of passengers who arrived early, thanks to a pair of PlayStation modules the waiting period consisted of taking a peek at new games and contesting the first friendly competition of the holiday. After that, following the exciting duels, there was a chance to eagerly look forward to the flight in a relaxed way on the SunExpress SunChairs. Passengers waiting at other gates probably wished they had this special kind of entertainment themselves, judging by the odd jealous look that was cast at the SunChairs. Andre Burkhard, Marketing Specialist at SunExpress, and Guido Alt, Head of PR at PlayStation, chatted about the co-operation’s backstory in a relaxed gathering with passengers. The most frequently asked question as they did so: “So has the plane got a name yet?” In reply the passengers were handed a flyer showing a link to the contest where fans can suggest their desired name. In the near future, this will be the next milestone for the co-operation, as very soon the Boeing 737-800 bearing the identifier “TC-SNN” will be re-named for the co-operation’s duration based on the suggestions – for the first time in SunExpress history.