And our sky-trooper is called... PlaneStation!

The wait is over: with the christening of the Boeing 737-800 with ID “TC-SNN” in the PlayStation “look” (click HERE for the Making Of), for the first time in the history of SunExpress, one of its own fleet is getting an official nickname: “PlaneStation”.

From the very beginning it was clear that this aircraft, decorated with “Sackboy”, “Kratos” and Co, could not just bear its official, impersonal ID. A name was needed, and who better to give the sky-trooper a name than their very own fans? It quickly became clear that the fans of SunExpress and PlayStation should get to determine the name. On the day of the presentation of the aircraft, on 01.12.2017, fans were therefore invited via the partners’ social media channels to post name suggestions on Facebook.

Fans far and wide put their thinking caps on for ten days – over 100 suggestions landed in the post’s comments, from “AirController”to “SkyStriker” to “PlayAir”. The marketing experts from SunExpress and PlayStation then chose the five most creative suggestions from amongst those proposed by the fans:

  1. PlaneStation
  2. Playbird
  3. FlyStation
  4. Sky Hero
  5. Call of SunExpress

On 19 January 2018, the great voting process began, so as to finally be able to give the child a name. How important it was for the fans to be able to choose the name of the aircraft can be seen from the stunning number of reactions: well over 3,000 votes were cast! In the end, the suggestion “Plane Station” prevailed, with around 1,800 votes. The creative mind behind this now official name is being rewarded with two flight vouchers for the SunExpress route network and is now an integral part of SunExpress history. After all, it is the first time an aeroplane is getting off the ground with its own name.

Have a good flight, “Plane Station”!